How to Choose Right Toddler Shoes for Your Babies

Most children learn to walk at about the time of their first birthday, although some learn months earlier or later. It also means your baby is ready for some proper footwear. As parents, you must choose the right shoes for your babies depending on their age. Read the article below to make sure you purchase the right shoes for a child for each stage of their growth.

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When Do Babies Need Shoes?

Your baby will need her first pair of shoes once she starts to walk to protect her feet from broken glass and other problematic objects or substances on the ground and to prevent injuries if “bigger” people step on her tiny toes. Otherwise, she should ideally go barefoot whenever possible to give those tootsies room to breathe, stretch and grow; you really only need socks or booties to keep her feet warm. That said, there’s nothing wrong with buying a pair of baby shoes to dress up an outfit at any age, as long as you don’t keep them on too long when she’s very young.

The Fit

Pay attention to the shoe’s proper length, width depth when fitting your child’s shoe. Poorly fitting children’s shoes can cause toe problems, ingrown toenails, hammer toes, calluses, and bunions.

Children’s feet grow in spurts, and they require new shoes every three to four months. Most early toddlers (under 16 months of age) grow more than one-half a foot size in two months. Toddlers from age 16 to 24 months grow an average of one-half a foot size every three months. The young child, 24 to 36 months old, grows approximately one-half a foot size every four months, and children over 3 years of age experience increases of one-half a foot size every four to six months.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot

It’s not necessary to buy very expensive shoes for toddlers, according to Dr. DeCaro. And while a recommendation from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) indicates that the shoes are of good quality and developmentally appropriate, parents shouldn’t feel it’s essential to seek out shoes bearing their Seal of Acceptance.

Styles for Baby Girl and Boy Shoes

Barring heels, just about any shoe, you can find in the adult section has a mini-me baby version. Popular styles for baby girl shoes include:

Mary Janes
Sandals with ankle straps
Slip-on pre-walking sneakers
Walking sneakers secured with laces, Velcro or snaps
Popular baby boy shoe styles include:

Slip-on pre-walking shoes (high-tops, sneakers)
Boots (like lumberjack, cowboy and lace-up cold weather boots)
Walking sneakers secured with laces, Velcro or snaps

Happy baby shoe hunting!

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