Groom’s Wedding Guide: Choosing Perfect Men’s Wedding Bands

Shopping for a wedding band is a once-in-a-lifetime process where you get to find a ring you will want to wear for countless years to come. For men, choosing your wedding band can be a pretty daunting task, picking out the perfect men’s wedding bands will need some thought on your part.


Wood men;s wedding bands

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The first question when it comes to metal is color. Do you prefer yellow, white or rose or maybe you would like a combination of two? Once you have decided the color you have to choose which metal suits your lifestyle and budget.

Choosing a Style

When choosing a men’s wedding ring, you should choose the ring matching your style mostly. Here’s a breakdown of some different style:

Classic Court – Arguably the most common ring shape, a classic court is round inside and out.
D-Shape Ring – The outside is round and thin, while the inside is flat, offering a closer fit.
High Polish – The most common type, a high polish delivers straight metal with a smooth, glimmering finish.
Flat Ring – Comfortable to wear, but prone to getting stuck on clothing or machinery, the flat ring is true to its name, meaning its flat inside and out.
Flat Court – Bridging two worlds, the flat court offers a flat exterior and round interior

Budget You Willing to Pay

How much you’re able and willing to pay will determine your choice of wedding band. The price varies greatly.
If you’re not weighed down by the limitations of a small budget, a great choice would be platinum. Otherwise, where the sizable cost of highly rare metals seems too imposing, it is perfectly fine to opt for the more economic choices. Also, men’s wedding rings with lower-carat gold are crafted using a larger portion of metal alloys, which makes them inexpensive.

Professional Sizing

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Professional sizing is a must, and even if the groom thinks he knows his ring size it is always a good idea to have it confirmed. Most jewelers will size rings for free, so there is no reason to skip this step. For brides who want the groom’s ring to be a surprise on the big day, secretly borrow (steal) one of your fiance’s rings and take it to your jeweler so they can match the size.

Engrave or Not

It all depends on the individual. Some people consider it a nice option to express their sentiments and to make them a permanent part of their wedding band.

To get the best result, it is imperative that you work with a professional jeweler, one who not only has many years of experience but also a strong reputation. A good place to start looking for top jewelers is Lajerrio Jeweler. With the right jewelers, you will have a wide variety to choose from as well as custom design arrangements